Who is Beth?

I have always been surrounded by creativity. My Father is an extremely handy person who would always fix things (by the book or by more creative measures) when they were broken around the house. My mother, an artist, was always painting and sculpting, and bringing new life to an old piece of furniture. And, I come from an extended family of artists and musicians. You could say creativity is in the blood!


When I was in college, I got the urge to decorate my room using mostly found objects and thrift store items. In my twenties, as a newlywed, I painted old furniture, and later discovered my love for antiquing/junking with one of my dearest and oldest friends. Throughout the years of being a social worker and staying at home to raise children, I always found myself creating, painting, junking, and rehabbing anything I could get my hands on. 


In 2006, the opportunity arose to buy antiques from a friend who was closing her antique shop in Kansas. I took out a loan, flew to Kansas from Colorado, rented a huge U-Haul and drove the antiques back to Colorado. I drove straight to The Barn and began my Chic Junque journey. I was at The Barn for eight years, and realized it was time to spread my wings. While Christmas shopping in December 2013, I drove by a green house in Old Colorado City, and took a chance at calling the realtor phone number advertised.  My husband and family were very supportive and on-board so everything fell into place like it was always meant to be. Old Colorado City is the perfect place for me to build the boutique shop I’ve been dreaming of for many years. OLD CC  is the perfect mix of antiques, boutiques, and intrigue!



It was a big decision to change my business name to Beth’s Boutique in January of 2015.  I knew I would miss the name that started it all with me, Chic Junque.  But, as the business has grown and changed it became apparent to me we needed to change the business name too!  It seemed fitting that it just be my name.  My business, my shop, feels like home every time I open the door.

So, after the "everything fell into place..." I was so blessed to own my own shop in Old Colorado City for six plus years! And, as we all know, life is always changing.

I recently received the opportunity to join with other small businesses under one roof and moved my business to the Shops @ Briargate.  I have a shop space within the Paris Market Vintage Shop. It was the perfect timing to make this change in my life and something I had been hoping for. I am so very excited about this next chapter in my boutique journey and what blessings it brings!

Beth Moore